Star Wars: Fit for a Queen

The Phantom Menace: For the Senate appearance, the handmaidens don rigid, heavily-textured black cloaks with a gold stripe running up the front and over the hood. Under the outer cloak is a steel blue gown.

These beautiful gowns were reused thirteen years later at Padmé's funeral.

Design: To make this costume very rigid, it was made from a canvas-like material and steel. This not only made it so movement in the outer fabric was impossible, it made the costume very difficult to walk in. The cloak itself was constructed from several panels, so that if the cloak had to be altered, panels had to be added or removed. Panels were also built into the hoods, though these panels were specifically cut to fit the actress who wore it. When asked at Celebration II which gown lost the most on screen, Trisha Biggar replied that the Black Senate gown was not done justice on screen.

Note: Thanks to the Royal Handmaiden Society for all their help with this dress! Not only did they provide information, but they sent me the the last three promotional photos. I can't thank them enough!

Promotional Photos

Courtesy of the RHS Courtesy of the RHS Courtesy of the RHS
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Detail Shots

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Concept Art

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