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[01/30/05] - I love this Eowyn one, but I told myself I wouldn't start it or start collecting fabric unless I could find something for the underskirt. Especcially since joining the SCA, I've gotten in the habit of never ever using prints unless the fabric for the outfit itself was a print, so it really limits my choices. I found a great close-up of the actual underskirt and sleeve fabric at Maggie's Costume Site and you can see a picture of it here:

You can see that the fabric has an almost wavy texture to it, with the leaves on top of it. Earlier I had the idea of getting a sage green Chenille fabric. First on the color choices, I have seen a lot of pictures of this dress and it's hard to tell whether it is a forest green or a dark sage green, every picture almost looks different, and it looks different on different monitors, but I decided I wanted to go for the sage green because I have done some costumes in forest green, but I don't have anything in sage, and sage looks great on me (pale skin, reddish hair, woot!) So I figured I'd get a sage green chenille upholstery fabric and order some paintable dye from Dharma Trading to do the leaves. Today at JoAnn's, I spotted this:

The picture didn't capture the color very well, but it is a lighter shade of sage than the underskirt fabric is, but it's got a nice wavy texture to it. I am going to test some swatches and try both a dye and a paintable dye to overdye the fabric a darker sage. I'm worried that I won't be able to dye it because I'm pretty sure this fabric is dry clean only, hence the swatch test. If the yellowish green paintable dye for the leaves doesn't take, I can dye a gauzy silk that green and cut out leaves and then stitch those over the top of the fabric. This'll have to wait til after Estrella War to experiment on, but I bought and stashed 3 yards of the stuff so I'm happy.
Green Leaf Underskirt Fabric- From Maggie's Costume Site