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Back To Completed Projects Page [07/17/05] I have been meaning to go to the eye doctor because I need prescription novelty contacts but I don't trust places over the internet for ordering. Turns out you can only get [WILD EYES] through a doctor, and they have Wild Eyes X-Colors and the Light Blue is perfect for Illyria. I'm really hoping my eye doctor carries these in my perscription and I can get them before August 5th or so. -EDIT- GRRR! These have been discontinued for years!

[05/29/05] I have to say I love Joss Whedon characters! For those of you who don't know who Illyria is... Joss made a spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer called Angel, around the vampire with a soul. The last season was the best, which included Spike, many hilarious episodes including the Puppet Angel episode, and sweet bookish Fred (Winifred) was killed and her body possessed by the old world goddess, Illyria. This look turned Fred's skin pale-white which was dusted blue in spots and streaked her hair blue, and gave her unnaturally blue eyes. She also has a kick-ass suit of armor she wears.

At first I didn't think I could replicate it, but upon closer inspection, it looks that the armor is in fact a stretch bodysuit with the pleather 'armor' sewn on in pieces. At the moment, the bodysuit is what I'm working on. While the concept is relatively simple, it is rather hard to make the body suit. I've never seen a body suit pattern, so what I have done was to take stretch fabric, and since I didn't have a dummy with legs, I had to pin this to myself and make my own pattern. This would be much easier if you had a friend who sews help. My first attempt to make the pattern from scratch didn't work as well, so what I did was lay down a pair of jeans on my cheap stretch mock-up fabric so I could get the shape of the leg and the crotch seams right. I only traced from the hips down the the knees and sewed the leg seams together. From there, I put it on and started pinning it up. On the first draft I tried to do it in two pieces, as I know there is a seam middle back (zipper) and middle front (where that gathered thing is) but I never could tell if there was side seams. As the first draft didn't work I decided to make it in 4 parts, two back parts and two front parts, which seems to be working. At the moment I have the body sewn up to the underarms, I just have to make the shoulders, tighten the leg seams, insert an invisible zipper in the back, and then check the fit. Once it's sewn together, it needs to be tight enough not to causde too many ripples, but not too tight as it'll be harder to sew on the pleather pieces.

[FABRIC OBSERVATIONS] The bodysuit is out of a stretch material, which Amy Acker said in an interview was very comfortable and breathable because it was made of cotton. The armor is made out of pleather, and some other material. I found a good pleather at [DENVER FABRICS]. I bought a burgundy that doesn't look like it's available anymore, but I bought it when all I had what grainy TV show images. Looking at [PICTURE 5], it's a slightly brighter red and almost has a snakelike texture. [THIS] one is a fair match, and [THIS] one is too, might be a little bright but would also work. I believe that the design on parts of it is paint, not a print on the leather. There is also another fabric that at first I thought was just quilted, that if you look at the high-res [PICTURE 5], you can see there's a criss-cross of triangles, that may be a print or may be painted. The ripply effect, I'm not sure if the fabric came like that, I am going to experiment with steaming pleather and seeing if it'll bubble like that, or cutting fabric on the bias and pulling it. There are pieces in off-white/beige and black, and blue and black, and there may be some of it in red on the knee.