View of trim, neckline, necklace and circlet Side seams, fitted sleeves and sleeve embroidery Good view of hem of underdress

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Red Velvet:Aquired
Champagne Satin:Aquired
Champagne Damask?:Not Yet Aquired
Buttons:Not Yet Aquired
Trim:Not Yet Aquired

[07/02/05] - I aquired 6 yards of champagne crepe back satin to go with the 4 yards of red velvet I got in LA. Here's a picture of the [FABRIC]

[03/06/05] - I immedietly fell in love with this dress when I saw it. I want to make RL versions of the Disney Princess dresses, and while I was searching for images I came across this shot of Kristen Kreuk (she's awesome in Smallville and Earthsea) in a Snow White movie she did. Below are the research images I gathered. I don't think I want to make an exact replica because I'm not fond of the trim, and while I love the snow flakes, it's hardly period. Everything else about the gown however seems to be very period. It looks like the underdress is made from a champaign and gold brocade fabrics. Strangely the sleeves have no brocade at all. The neckline is gathered which leads me to believe the underdress isn't fitted, but I saw a very blurry picture of her wearing just the gold underdress, so I suppose I'd better rent the movie. The overdress isn't shiny or deep pile, so I think it is cotton velvet and lined with a champagne brocade. It also only has side seams.