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Me In Costume Me In Costume with Warwick Davis: Pic found on SisterSola.com Me In Costume: Pic found on SisterSola.com Hermione in her cave
Back To Completed Projects Page[04/30/05] This one I finished before Celebration III and ended up putting some bead swags on the arms the night before because I could never find metal arm bands. Currently I have 3 pictures I found on other Celeb III-goers sites of my costumes, and one of me on stage with Warwick Davis! [THIS] one I'm not sure where I got but these next two I found on [SISTERSOLA.COM]. Thanks! [PIC 1] [PIC 2]

[02/04/05] - This costume is pretty unique in that it's Star Wars, BUT, it's a concept design that was never used. The original concept design, which can be seen here, was the initial design for Padmè's gown for when she's packing in her apartment, and they went with a black velvet vest and gray linen skirt number instead. I loved the original concept drawing more, and thought it'd be neat to make it, as with concept drawings you kind of get a bit of freedom in the decoration, and people know what it is but no one else really thinks to make an unused concept drawing.

I liked the exact colors used, but was unable to find the right purples. I ordered an amethyst silk dupioni which is very beautiful, but a bit bright and shiny and matches the underskirt color more. I made a muslin mock-up originally, and somehow someone had thrown it away. Bah. So I remade it and the corset turned out wonderfully. I interfaced both the silk and the cotton lining, and used a steel boning in it. This boning was like railroad tracks though and even saws and heavy duty wire cutters had a bitch of a time cutting through it. Needless to say, I can't bend in this thing and the corset can stand up by itself in a chair. I appliqued a design on originally and was unsatisfied with it and luckily it came off easily. I have a new design worked out which is based heavily on the symbol that seems to appear on a lot of Naboo-wear. I have started beading a design around the sleeves.

As of right now, the corset is done except for embellishments. Hopefully it will be fully decorated by Celebration III, and if I don't get my twi'lek done, this is what I'll be wearing in the costume contest. I have an overskirt pleated and I just need to hem it and put a waistband on it, but I have a problem with the fabric being stiff instead of flowy, and it doesn't hang at all, so when I get it all hemmed, I'm going to try putting weights in the hem so it'll kinda be forced to sway. If that doesn't work I'm screwed. I also found this powder purple silky fabric called Cloud 9 at JoAnns that I bought only a yard of for the applique design and have now decided I want to make the underdress from it so I'll hopefully find a coupon somewhere so I can pick it up this weekend.

Also, this is not one of my costume accessories. What is it with cats and big skirts on sewing dummies, anyway? Hermione in her cave