Back To Completed Projects[03/01/05] - You might be wondering about this gown's interesting name. Well, I bought the fabric when my best friend Zizzy came to visit me and I kinda got instantly inspired when I saw the fabric. It's a satin-back shantung fabric (like silk duponi but out of synthetic fibers), one in a dark, almost bronzy olive, and a light sage green. I've seen dresses where a different color front panel is gathered beneath lacing that spans between the mid-bust seamlines, so I figured 'I don't need a back closure, I make the center panel big enough for me to slip it on over my head, then when I tighten the lacing, the panel gathers underneath.' So, I stitched it up with ribbon loops so I could put gold rings which I could run the lacing through. The outer fabric was the olive and the center panel was the sage. I also made these sleeves that could be elven, but are in fact, period (I saw a painting, but with rounded sleeves) and it buttons shut at 5 places on top of the sleeve, leaving some gaps to show the top of the arms or underdress sleeves if there is one. It is also lined with the sage green. I made casings to put elastic into to make sure it would gather uniformly and I could still slip it over my head.

Well, the gathering was just too bulky and drew too much attention, so I snipped the elastic, but left the casings because mum thought it made a nice detail. But, I was right, it wouldn't gather uniformly. And the rings I had in the ribbon loops kept falling out.

Sooo... after Ren Faire I ended up putting in my closet and forgetting about it. I recently saw some of the scraps in a bin in my storage locker and remembered it and pulled it out again. Amazing how putting away a project you're bored with later will give you renewed interest. So I came up with a way to fix it... I put pin-tucks down the length of the bodice on both sides of the panel about 3 inches from each side, so when the pin-tucks met in the center, the bodice had a perfect fit. I am currently sewing hooks and eyes to the inside of the pin-tucks so I can close the bodice properly. I tried to feed lacing through the loops, but they were made for putting jumprings, not cording... so they were too small. *sigh* So for right now I sewed ribbon down the outside of the panel with gaps to put the cording through so I can lace over the front. Later I plan to put a nicer trim on the whole outfit including something nicer to lace it through.

So I have experimented on this gown so much I was going to call it the Frankenstein gown... however, it's elven looking, and the Uruk-Hai were elves once, the Frankenstein Monsters of the Tolkeinian world, hence the name.