Back To Planned Projects Page [10/09/05] This costume could be said to be the first to get me really interested in costuming. When I was about 8, I wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween, so my mom agreed to make [MY COSTUME]. To her credit, she made a great kids costume, especcially in the day when most off-the-rack costumes were plastic with a mask. But I looked at it... it had long sleeves, Cinderella had no sleeves and long gloves, she had a nice big bustle or swag, but mom put little poofs on the side, it was baggy in the front, and to top it all off, it was so cold that year (I lived in Iowa that year) that I had to totally ruin the look by wearing a coat! Poor mother didn't realize she had given birth to a costume nazi! So, ever since then, I had wanted to do a "REAL" Cinderella costume.

[RESEARCH] Most costumes I have seen, even the official Disney ones, are plainer than I want to do mine. All I've seen have little puff or cap sleeves, which is like the ones in the picture, but the Disney art is mostly a character, a basic shape on paper. Disney hasn't really put a time period or date on their version of the story as it's a fantasy, but as they probably based it on a time period, I did some research. The men in this movie wear straight pants, not knee-lengths and knickers, almost militaristic, so it had to be a later period. The women had bustles, and the Evil Stepmother had a high collar. The time period I found to be most similar to the style in the movie is the late 1800's, early 1900's - Basically the turn of the century.

[OBSERVATIONS/PLANS] I found a [GOWN] made by a man called Charles Frederick Worth that I think is a great basic shape to base the dress off of. I don't know yet if I want to keep a train on it or make the whole dress even with the floor. The train is gorgeous, but I don't see how one can dance in it. If I don't do the train, I can do some form of bustle, probably a polonaisse style gather which will be more accurate to the movie. There will be no bow and probably no big floral stuff and I'll research different bodices for this type gown. I love the use of lace in this and the way it falls off the shoulder. It's the same basic shape as the Cinderella sleeves without just being big poofs. I want to keep the sparkling blue motif from disney and will probably try to find a silverish/ice blue silk brocade of some kind and laces, I'll probably be mixing some whites and silvers, and will do some kind of black beaded choker and white gloves either from stretch silk, or cheat and buy some around prom time at the store. This gown I have no plans to make as of yet, but it's always been a dream of mine to make since I was 8, so I will do this one eventually.