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I'm Verdaera (Ver for short), I'm originally from Chicago, but live in Vegas at the moment. I'm 24 years old, I have an associates degree in Computer Programming, and I just graduated school with my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design.

I started my own website when I was about halfway through High School, in August 2000. At the time it was a royally crappy drag-and-drop free AOL account called "Leia's Star Wars Haven"... I started gathering images and quickly ran out of room, so I started learning HTML on my own through books and tutorials. Soon, LSWH became Rebel's Haven, and the image gallery grew over time to 700 images. While in High School I started to really pick up my interest in sewing. My mother is a quilter and started teaching me some crafts at a young age, but I never really sewed clothes until High School. I made my first costume about Junior Year, a Jedi Costume. It wasn't good, but after that I was hooked onto costuming. As I entered college, it was harder to balance my costuming and pulling all-nighters building Rebel's Haven, so keeping the site online, I took a break from Rebel's Haven to form it's sister site, Ver's Corner, a site focusing on my costuming, both research and tutorials, and just showcasing my own designs. But, I miss Rebel's Haven, and I have a very diverse amount of Fandoms and need a place to express my geekdom. So in 2007, coming up on Rebel's Haven's 7th Anniversary, it was Reborn, if you will. Rebel's Haven is a site with a diverse amount of Multimedia from the Star Wars films as well as my costumes, tutorials for everyone, and other media from fandoms such as Smallville, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Please enjoy my site, and I would love some feedback!


Me with George Lucas!!!