Red = Done
Blue = In Progress
Green = Planning
Purple = Wish List
Harry Potter
......Hogwarts Robes
......Yule Ball (original)
......Princess Toadstool
Nightmare Before Xmas
Pirates of Caribbean
......Plum Gown
Star Wars
......Jedi Robes
......Packing Gown          Concept
......Parade Handmaiden
......Padmè Lake Gown
......1490 Italian
......1550 Tudor
......1750 Rococo
......1800 Regency
......1911 Titanic Era
......Gothic Ballgown
......Hogwarts Yule Ball
......Pewter Gown
......UrukHai Gown

This is my personal costume log page, which includes which costumes I am working on right now, costumes I am planning to do, and a wish list of costumes I would like to do. Some of these icons are linked to pages that either include my research on the costume, progress logs, and images of my costumes, or all of the above. On the sidebar are costumes sorted by Fandom so if you are interested in a certain costume, you can find it that way.

P.S. Please note! I AM NOT A COSPLAYER!!! People need to understand, that this term 'cosplay' is a relatively new term that started in reference to Anime costumes, and is technically applied to the activity of roleplaying, but people are mistakenly applying this term to the art of costuming. It is not the same thing. Cosplayers who make their own costumes are costumers as well, but my focus is on the ART FORM of costume making, which makes me a COSTUMER. Thank you for your understanding.

Custom Mandalorian Armor: Star Wars Expanded Universe Old Republic Zabrak Jedi Endor Trooper: Star Wars-Return of the Jedi

Tahiri Veila: Star Wars EU Alice Kingsley from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Steampunk Original Design Hogwarts Yule Ball Gown - Original Design: Inspired by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

1750's Open-Front Gown Ravenclaw Hogwarts Uniform: Harry Potter Illyria: Angel Padme Packing Gown Concept: Unused Concept Art for Star Wars- Attack of the Clones Uruk-Hai Gown: Original Design Tudor Yule Gown: Semi-Historical Original Design Elizabeth Swann Plum Pirate Gown: Pirates of the Caribbean- Curse of the Black Pearl Italian Renaissance Gown: 1490s Blue Linen Gown: Based on Medieval

Parade Handmaiden: Star Wars- The Phantom Menace Regency Era Gown: Historical, 1810

Princess Toadstool: Mario Bros Princess Zelda; The Legend of Zelda Sally: Nightmare Before Christmas Young Beru Whitesun: Star Wars- Attack of the Clones Boussh: Star Wars- Return of the Jedi 1911 Era Silk Gown Poison Ivy: Batman