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Updated my Leia Endor Trooper Costume Journal with my finished shirt. There will be a tutorial to come but for now I posted a picture with my boots, pants and shirt.

I also decided to nix my intro page as it seems people aren't finding their way into my site. Hope this is better! Please feel free to give me some feedback in either my guest book or by email.


I just finished my tutorial for Leia Endor Trooper Pants and posted it :)


Big Update! I've started compiling a research guide for Jedi Costumes. I have my research thus far on Undertunic Neckline options posted on the Jedi Undertunic Research page. You will also notice on the Jedi page, navigation links on the lefthand side. Since I'm starting to compile a ridiculous amount of Jedi information with more to come, I've split up my Jedi Costuming section into several pages. A first overview page with links to my research guide that is in the works, my Jedi Costume journal to chronical my own costume progress, and a gallery in which there will be some of my reference images and my own images.

I also added 20 new pictures to the Jedi Images Gallery.

Also, I would love some feedback on the site on how user friendly it is so I can make improvements! Please leave feedback on my Guestbook Page or email me at StrWsLeia@aol.com with the subject line "Rebel's Haven Feedback"


Added 24 screencaps to the Return of the Jedi Gallery, and added 13 to the A New Hope Gallery.


I've cleaned the crappy pictures out of my Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader Gallery and added some new ones, so there are some nice high-rez shots now!

I also added 6 images to the Jedi Gallery, including a hi-rez one of Mace Windu!


I've started a research page in prep for my Princess Leia Endor Trooper costume which you are free to look at :) I've also made updates to the page for my 1750's Rococo Gown, I have a number of the undergarments done.

I also added 6 images to the Jedi Gallery, including a hi-rez one of Mace Windu!


My Hogwarts Uniform is finished! You can see it on my Hogwarts page.


I put the Attack Of The Clones image gallery back up with 14 images, I also redid the Star Wars Image Gallery Index to make it more readable, and update the numbers. I am hoping to restore the galleries to better than their former glory. Several pages still aren't available because when I was in college, I was never able to convert all my pages to the new thumbnail format. Also, images that were awesome back in my high school days are crappy and grainy now, so I'm starting to remove images that are trash.

I'd like some feedback on the image galleries, please feel free to leave comments in my Guestbook about Rebel's Haven :)

Issues I'm curious about:
   -Should I remove intro page?
   -How is the gallery format?
   -How is site navigation?


I added 15 images to the Revenge of the Sith image gallery. There's a lot of Jedi, Mon Mothma, and poster images.


I had some lovely pics taken of my Italian Renaissance Gown over a year ago and I never posted them on the page. Silly me! Added 3 pictures to the top of the page. Oh yes! And it's Rebel's Haven's 8th Birthday!


I tweaked my Hogwarts Uniform page a bit and also added 4 new costume pictures!


Did a little re-organizing of my Costumes Page. I still have to make pages and configure pictures for some of the pages. My costumes can be viewed at My Deviant Art Gallery.

I also posted my Parade Handmaiden Page, which so far has all my research, dye tests, and the undergown I created. After I finish my Hogwarts costume and get going on my Mando armor I will probably dig this one out again and work on the cloak and get instructions up.


The Obi-Wan Kenobi Image Gallery has been re-done. I got rid of some crappy pictures and added some new ones, so all pictures are of a good quality now.

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