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This research guide is to chronicle jedi costumes and as a source to help other costumers design their own. I prefer to do all my own research first before looking at other people's tutorials so I can be sure my information is as accurate as possible. There are, however, some very excellent other sources out there that have information I couldn't get from observation alone, such as inside knowledge and exhibit pics, and I will credit any outside sources I find. All of the otherwise noted material was compiled by me. Please feel free to use my research :)

One thing to note when thinking of creating your Jedi is that not all Jedi are cookiee-cutter versions of each other (yes, I said cookiee) just in different colors. Humanoids generally have the same base components. Alien species most markedly have costume customizations, either because of anatomical differences or cultural aspects of their species reflected in their clothing. Compiled here will be tutorials (both for novice and expert costumers) for creating your standard jedi, as as much refence for differences and options for your outfit, especcially for purposes of getting custom costumes approved at RebelLegion.com or any like Jedi group.

Most standard, humanoid Jedi costumes consist of the following:

  • Pants/Skirt
  • Undertunic -New! Click here to see my research on Undertunics
  • Overtunic
  • Tabbards
  • Obi
  • Knee-High Boots
  • Belt
  • Belt Pouches
  • Food Capsules
  • Lightsaber and Convertech Clip
  • Robe
Old Republic Era Jedi would have each of these pieces (except for Lightsaber) in an earthtone color or black. Basically, if you can find dirt in that color, it's acceptable. New Republic Era Jedi usually don't have a standard code, they can be extremely diverse. However, some Jedi wear Old Republic style Jedi robes, only in colors. Corran Horn, for example, wears green and black, and Ganner Rhysode wears blue and black.

I will be expanding this section more, please check back soon.

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