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Costuming Links

BrettunsVillage.com ...Source for all kinds of leather hides and tools

CorsetMaking.com ...Corsetting Fabrics (such as coutill) and other corsetting supplies

DharmaTrading.com ...Source for blank, dyeable fabric and dyes for them. I highly recommend them :)

E-Bay store: Exclusive Silks ...E-Bay seller with various silks and other fabrics

Fabrics-Store.com ...Great source for linens and some cottons, great for historical undergarments

FashionFabricsClub.com ...Has a variety of different fabrics at a great price. However, they don't carry regular stock (when they're out of something, they're out) and their shipping sucks. Request a tracking number and keep an eye on it. If you live in St. Louis, you can pick up your fabric locally

RenaissanceFabrics.net ...Specializes in natural fiber fabrics (cotton, linen, silk and wool) for historical costuming

ReproductionFabrics.com ...Reproduced historical cotton prints for costumers and quilters

SpandexHouse.com ...Source for all things stretch. Superhero anyone?

TrendyFabrics.com ...Various Fabrics

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